The Sun has got his hat on - Eczema & Suncream Problems

Yesterday the sun was shining and that made me think about sun creams/lotions. We all know that sun protection is important but finding a brand suitable for my sensitive skin and eczema is not an easy task. The dilemma for me each year is whether to buy a chemical free sunscreen or a chemical one. I have had skin reactions from both types so I sit on the fence with this. Often my reason for purchase simply boils down to my budget at that time.

The only high street brand that does not bring me out in a rash is Garnier Ambre Solaire. My personal favourite from the range is the Light & Silky Milk. It really does what it says on the bottle. It is easily to apply and disappears into the skin with little effort. By the end of the day I do not get that sticky feeling that makes you want to head straight into the shower and exfoliate.

If you have a few more pennies in your pocket and want to try a chemical free sun cream I recommend trying Lavera Sun Care line. From the range I have tried the sun cream for body, face and the shimmer aftersun. I loved them all. The lotions have a nice fragrance, are easy to apply as not to heavy and absorb into the skin nicely. I have check online and I notice that the sun care line has a new look and formulas. I have yet to try these out.

The other year I was on a beach holiday in Europe and I came out in a nasty rash. I can not be sure of the cause but the first thing I did was buy a new sun cream. I purchased Avene sun care in a local chemist. The lotion was light and easy to apply, no chalky residue and is also paraben free. I have not tried purchasing this within the UK but I am sure there must be a stockist online.

I have heard good things about sun protection ranges from Liz Earle, Green People and Proderm Sun Mousse but I have not tried them for myself.

Have you tried these brands? What did you think? What are your thoughts on natural ingredient sun protection? Do you have any recommendations for me?


  1. I know that this is an old post but I thought i'd share my experience with some brands that i've tried recently.

    I got a sample of Soleo Organic SPF 30+ Water Resistant sun block and really, really love it. I don't find it overly greasy or sticky. I'll definitely be buying a tube of this next time I need sun block.

    I also recently won some bottles of Banana Boat's new Mineral Sensitive sun block which is a zinc based sun block that's paraben free. I don't know what nasties are in there as in Aus the only ingredients that must be listed are the actives and preservatives. However it's a pretty good sun block that's fairly cheap and available from the supermarket. The only downside is it feels a little heavy and looks a bit white. I'm not sure if you have it over there but it's worth trying if you do.

    I hate Invisible Zinc. I tried their tinted daywear and it's fine for at the beach but I could never wear that on a daily basis.

    Have you found any new sun screens that you really like?

    1. As it's winter at the moment this probably not something I will look into until later in the year. Banana Boat isn't the easiest of brands to find in the UK. The other two brands you mention I have never heard of. From what I remember I always used Sun Sense when I lived in OZ but it's impossible to get hold here, but those were also the days when I didn't worry about ingredients.

  2. hey. i just got into the blogger community so ive decided to read all your posts from the beginning. i know this is a really old post but i have really sensitive skin too and the only sun screen i use is green people. that's the only one thing that is not breaking me out or giving me sensitive reaction. i love the smell of it because it smell exactly like normal sunscreen which i love coz that reminds me of the beach and the sun. haha. it's kinda thick i would say and they blend in perfectly fine and fast. are you still sticking with ur old sunscreen or have u tried green people yet? let me know! my blog: http://imallergictoeverything.blogspot.com =)

    1. I do use Green People but haven't tried their sun cream. Last year I did stick to Ambre Solaire but this year I may have a look at the market again. I've heard good things about Badger Balms sun cream since writing this post :)


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