Skin Blossom Offer

I just received an email with an offer that may interest some of you. Skin Blossom is an affordable chemical free brand. I have tried them out and they are pretty good for the price. Recieve a FREE full size hand cream with an order of any two Skin Blossom products. No code required. Offer is from 3rd June to 10th June skinblossom.co.uk


  1. I'll check them out! Love the new blog design. :)

  2. Thanks I've been playing around with my design as you noticed, trouble with me is I can not stick to one thing lol. I got it via a great site http://trendygirldesigns.blogspot.com/
    but you have a good design so you don't need it x

  3. Thanks for linking up for Footloose and Fancy Free:)


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