I believe in the Blogging World this is called a Haul Post

Like most of you this weekend I have spent time browsing on the high street.  I don’t normally go into TK Maxx but shopper’s instinct lead me there.  I found myself in the beauty section and was pleasantly surprised to discover organic and natural brands on the shelves some I have heard of and others were new discoveries.  Here is what I purchased.

Organic Surge Moisture Boost Conditioner £2.99 (RRP £4.99) – this is a hair care range which does not contain parabens or SLS. 

The Jersey Cow Company Unwind Body Wash £4.99 (RRP £15) – this is a new discovery and according to the packaging does not contain parabens, SLS, silicones, petroleum, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances & suitable for vegetarians.  I opted for body wash but could also have bought shampoo, conditioner and hand wash.

Tashodi Three Butter Body Cream Cinnamon & Brown Sugar £3 (RRP £6.99) – I don’t think this is 100% natural but it is free from parabens and naturally fragranced.  I was intrigued by the green power label, after checking the website I discover that Tashodi products are manufactured using wind, solar and hydro power.

I also bought (not from TK Maxx) Veggie Percy Pigs, a gelatine free version of the cult favourites and I can verify they are very nice!  My last bargain find was a book, Louis Theroux the Call of the weird, £2 in HMV.  I am a big fan of Louis and America so I am hoping this will be a good read.

Lastly, as you all know I dye my hair with Naturtint at the moment if you purchase the dye from www.lucyrose.biz you will receive free mini samples of shampoo & conditioner (free from sulphates & parabens).

Let me know what you spent money on this weekend in the comment section below.  Eden Angels also posted a natural/eco TK Maxx haul check out her finds.


  1. that cinnamon and brown sugar body butter sounds delish!
    Grace xx

  2. @Grace I haven't opened it yet but cinnamon is my favourite scent that is what attracted me to the product


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