Ideal Home Show at Christmas

My sister and I have very sore feet today.  We have spent the day at The Ideal Homes Show at Christmas.  I thought I would share some pictures and links to products.  The last day of the exhibition is tomorrow (20th November) at Earls Court, London.

If anyone has been watching River Cottage Veg do you remember the episode when they took the mobile caterers to a building site?  We were very excited to come across Whole Food Heaven and ordered a Buddha Bowl.  Simply the best Vegan lunch I have had in a very long time.

I spotted the Tropic Skincare stand and stocked up on Cleanser.  I was also  able to try out their new eye cream. 

We purchased some unique decorations from Emily Readett Bayley Ltd

Here are some links to gifts that caught our attention

www.sweettreebyrivera.co.uk - Handmade 'Trees' made from Sweets
www.nomliving.com - Handcrafted sustainable products for the home from Vietnam & Cambodia
www.orchidlivingltd.com - Handmade jewellery using real orchid blooms captured in resin.
www.junkjewels.co.uk - cute and girlie vintage style jewellery


  1. I love Christmas!!!! Those are really pretty pics!!
    New follower :) I wanted to thank you for joining our blog hop!
    Looking forward to reading more posts :)


  2. @Kelly thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment :)

  3. Thanks for the link!
    Check out our shop on Columbia Road.. there's loads more there, our stand at Ideal was too small..
    Nom Living


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