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Sugarpuffish Christmas Presents 2011

I can not believe the big day has been and gone. I must have been on the nice list because Santa did spoil me this year. I thought I would share with you my lovely presents. There were only a couple of beauty gifts (Ooh La La shower gel & Melvita travel gift set) but I was lucky enough to receive some Christmas money so will be making up for that soon.

I love all my presents but I have to say the Fridge Pet is my favourite. He is cute and chats to you in Japanese when you open the fridge door. The most unique has to be the Decleor Pomander. I had not seen one of these before. Inside the golden apple is a little ball which you add fragrance oil to then you hang the pomander in your wardrobe or around the house. It came with the fragrance Madagascar which is described as Tonka bean, Vetiver, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit. 

Hope everyone had a super duper Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Link any Christmas hauls below I would love to see what you all got for Christmas.


  1. Oohh! Nice presents! How cute would that fridge pet be :) Loving the look of Declor Pomander too! Enjoy all your gifts xoxo

  2. Lovely gifts, the hoody is so cute. x

  3. Lovely presents - and the fridge pet is FAB. And I love haribo too - they are yummy.
    Hope you had a great christmas xx

  4. @Su, @Bright Town Girl & @Miss Polly - Thanks everyone for your comments :)

  5. The fridge pet is so adorable! I would love one to call me mean names whenever I open the fridge so I'd stop eating so much! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

    1. The fridge pet is so funny, my boyfriend is hilarious as he has little conversations with him even though we can't understand him as he speaks Japanese. It does cheer up your day!


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