Heavenly Miss Polly Frangipani Body Butter

My favourite type of body moisturiser is shea butter.  Blogging is the perfect excuse to tempt me out of my comfort zone.  I have put aside my beloved Brown Earth (link) and experimented with other brands.  First there was Pure Thoughts (link) which quickly became a firm favourite.  When this ran out I decided to try Miss Polly's Frangipani Organic Body Butter.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Organic shea butter, Rice bran oil, Meadowfoam oil, Organic virgin coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Frangipani absolute, Vitamin E

My other shea butters are very different to Miss Polly's.  Brown Earth is soft and Pure Thoughts is whipped whereas Miss Polly's is solid.  Despite being solid and requiring a spatula to scoop it from the jar, it does melt easily on contact with warm skin.  Frangipani is a beautiful, rich floral fragrance and it lingers a little which I like because since I can not wear perfume, this makes a nice alternative.  My sensitive skin seems happy to accept the fragrance with no signs of irritation which is a relief since this can be a problem for me.  As with all shea butters this is luxurious, heavy and fantastic for overly dry skin.  It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.  It is perfect for all year round but particularly ideal for the winter months.  I always find that I do not need to moisturise daily when using a shea butter cream, you can skip a day or two.  Also, it is perfect for keeping your legs in tip top condition especially if you shave regularly.

All Miss Polly products are handmade and free from parabens, sls and other nasties.  I was lucky to grab this body butter for a reduce price during a special offer period but it's regular price is £8.95 (45g).  If Frangipani does not appeal to you then there is also a Grapefruit version.  Go check out the rest of Miss Polly's products as she also makes lip balm, foot cream, soap, facial serum & gift sets.

Feel free to leave a comment below regarding Miss Polly's skincare or shea butter or anything else beauty related.


  1. This sounds great. I love frangipani, but can never say it. lol. x

  2. @Bright Town Girl - haha I know what you mean, if it is any easier for you Frangipani is the common name for Plumeria :)

  3. Sarah, what a lovely review, thank you so much, And I am relieved to hear that the fragrance does not irritate your skin, as I know that can be a problem for you. So happy that you like this and included me in your blog xx

  4. @Miss Polly - your welcome it's a lovely product :)

    @Miss Tea Addict - I am discovering you can't go wrong with shea butter. The frangipani is a really sophisticated scent. My others butters are mango and lavender so this makes a nice change. So glad you picked up a tip from me. I use a spatula for most products in a jar but you definitely require one for this butter. I hate digging my hands in I'm just weird like that :)

  5. Hey Sis - I do believe as a Christmas pressie, you gave me some Miss Polly goodies. The soap is utterly gorgeous.....the smell was just right (not overpowering) Even the other half enjoyed it! xx

  6. @Lou - you are correct there was a soap from Miss Polly & I am glad you liked it

  7. I NEED the grapefruit version of this!!!

  8. @Vintage Makeup - haha I am sure it would be lovely as well & a good choice :)

  9. I love Shea Butters! I really like the L'Occitane ones in little tins, multi purpose and the skin feels so soft! Miss Polly products sound really nice, great reviews :)

  10. @Su - I have not tried L'Occitane shea butters I'm never too sure if it's a natural or free from brand or neither.

  11. Great post, it sounds like a lovely product and not over priced! I love soap and glory body products!

    1. you can't compare this product to Soap & Glory that stuff is full of chemicals! Bin it now and buy this and your skin will thank you


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