Blogger Interview - All That Slap

Let me introduce you to Grace from All That Slap

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am Persian/Iranian and I have been living in the UK for most of my life now, but I am very much a Persian girl at heart. I am a lawyer in the city by day and beauty blogger by night - whilst squeezing in shopping (I have a minor make-up, handbag and clothes addiction, that is all!) and eating out (Lebanese and Thai are my favourites!)! I have been told I have a big personality, I never stop talking, and you either love me or hate me - there is no in between!

Why did you decide to start your blog?
Because my friends, family and colleagues got sick of me raving about or bagging beauty products to them constantly - my sister suggested I start a blog so that I can inflict "the pain" on my followers rather than everyone else! I was also told that my passion for cosmetics and beauty products was insane and I needed to do something with it...hence one year after talking about starting the blog - allthatslap was born!

How would you describe your blogging style?
I am brutally honest, detailed, perhaps too detailed (??) and I do ramble on a bit...a bit like me in person!

What do you think is the best thing about blogging?
Getting feedback on my blog posts, hearing from people who have questions and trying to help them out. I recently bought a lot of the Sleek Blush Palettes for people outside the UK, before they were on the Sleek website because I was keen to help these girlies. It did take a lot of trips to Superdrug to get all of the requested palettes but in the end I think I made about 25 girls really happy, which made me happy!! I also love meeting other make up and beauty addicts at various events, its great to know you are not the only beauty junkie out there!

What do you find most challenging when blogging about your topic?
Finding the time to write my posts on all the products I want to. As I am addicted to this stuff and new items are released all the time, I am always buying something new "to try" and then that gets added to the "to blog" list! I also read other beauty blogs and it just adds to my wishlist of items that I want to get my grubby little mitts on - its a never ending cycle! I wish I could blog full time- heaven knows I have enough stuff at home now to keep me going for months and months!

Where are your favourite places to shop? (high street or online)
For the high street I love Boots and Superdrug (of course!!), as well as Selfridges as it has everything. My favourite non beauty related store has to be Primark (or "Primarni" as I love to call it!!). On the internet I love Feelunique.com for my beauty buys that I can't get on the high street - however I don't like buying make up online as I love to swatch products.

Has blogging changed the way you make purchasing decisions?
Yes, its made me ask more questions from the sales assistant and read the ingredients before I buy something, however I definitely buy more items now than before blogging so its not a purse friendly past time!

What is your all time favourite brand? (cosmetic, clothing or anything else)
I couldn't possibly tell you, I have too many favourites and they change like the wind!! 

What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world? 
I would love for people to actually have consideration and respect for one another, our world is too much about "me" and people are really critical, judgemental and nasty to each other.....wish there was more love in the world! Its not hard to smile at each other in the street, say thank you and do random acts of kindess, but hey, what do I know?!


  1. What a lovely interview! I'll certainly have a follow of your blog, looking forward to the make-up envy I'm sure to get.

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading & found another great blog to follow :)


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