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love soap lavender handwash
Lets face it we all have a weakness for cute packaging and I could not resist placing an order with Love Soap. The product range is intended for children but perfectly suitable for adults. I was attracted to the ingredient ethos and you know me, I have super sensitive skin. I find natural skincare for children tends to be lighter on essential oils which works better for me at times of eczema flare ups.

Choose between hand wash, bubble bath or shampoo & body wash in Lavender & Meadowfoam or Mandarin & Argan Oil. No surprises here when I say I purchased the Lavender hand wash. Products are certified organic with the Soil Association and full ingredients are available on the website. You will not find SLS/SLES, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances and no animal testing.

Since it can take me a while to write full reviews, the purpose of this post is to introduce the brand so you can add them to your shopping list. First impressions for these products are - affordable and have a pleasant lavender aroma (not too strong).

What do you think? Are you interested in Love Soap products?

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Disclaimer - I paid for the hand wash but the other product was sent to me free of charge with my order


  1. Super cute packaging but not obviously for kids, which I like. Both scents sound lovely. Looking forward to reading how you get on with them :)

    1. Hit the nail on head there Jen, I love the drawings on the bottle and they make me smile seeing them in my bathroom. I agree, don't feel they are overly childish that it would put off grown ups :)

  2. I stock Love Soap :) Love the brand and have tried the range on my 2 girls. Gentle and effective and they have recently received Soil Association certification. Lovely story too with the 3 sisters. I'll be sharing them on my blog too. A fab find x

    1. Thanks for letting me know you stock their products, great choice for your site, I am sure they will be popular :)


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