Natural & Organic Skincare Haul - February 2015 (Video)

Sugarpuffish Natural & Organic Skincare Haul February 2015

Products mentioned in this video & links to blog reviews or websites where purchased 
(affiliate links marked with asterisk *)

Pacifica Reed Diffuser Indian Coconut Nectar *(retailer website)
Antipodes Grace Cream Cleanser (review)
Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Cream *(retailer website)
Rossi Hand & Body Lotion (review)
Apricot Kernel Oil & Manuka Floral Water (review)
PHB hand wash & hand cream (review)
Handmade Naturals Cleansing Oil (review)
Handmade Naturals Sensitive Face Cream (review)

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  1. So many beautiful products! I'm intrigued by the apricot oil and Manuka honey floral water - they both sound lovely! I didn't know about Naturally thinking before, so thank you for introducing me to that site. xx

    1. I'm really enjoying using both products, sometimes I just favour the simple things in life :D

  2. I really enjoy your videos, thanks for sharing your thoughts on all of these products. I have too much stuff at the moment but you have confirmed for me that the Pai cream is worth checking out later. Rosehip oil and chamomile are two of my favorite ingredients so it's appealing for sure.

    1. Thank you. I feel the same about rosehip and chamomile so I think that goes a long way to explain my love for the Pai moisturiser :)


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