Review Tropic Pure Plant Skincare Skin Revive Firming Nourishing Cream

tropic skincare
UPDATE 2021: 10 years on and Tropic Skincare has gone through several changes and now boasts a vast collection of products. My original review is outdated due to product changes but it remains on this page for reference. The image has been replaced to show the latest version of the products featured in this review.

"Growing up in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia, I was surrounded by an abundance of natural ingredients, including fresh aloe vera plants and exotic fruit trees. The environment I grew up in has had a huge effect on the products we create at Tropic." Susie Ma, Founder and CEO

A few years ago I discovered Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care at the Vitality Show and was instantly impressed with the scrub and moisturiser which I purchased. I had stop using Tropic for no particular reason but was excited to re-discover the brand at the Vitality Show in March 2011.

At first I did not recognise the products because it has been rebranded and repackaged.  I like the new branding but miss the old glass jars which gave a rustic appeal and were recyclable. The new packaging is a level up and puts it more in line with what you might find on the shelves of Boots or from Liz Earle. I image this is the direction in which Susie Ma is headed. Tropic originally only had a couple of products but now they have reformulated and expanded the range,

At the Tropic stand I was able to test the products again and I instantly remembered why I had been attracted to the products in the past. At that time I was only in need of a moisturiser so I bought a jar of Skin Revive Firming Nourishing CreamThis face cream is luxurious but not heavy, it is nourishing and melts into your skin leaving it soft and hydrated.  A little goes a long way as I am almost halfway through the 50ml size and I bought it at the end of March. The fragrance is fresh and unusual there is a hint of lemon and herbs, which I think you will either love or hate.

Tropic skincare has made a lasting impression. For those with ethical concerns, Tropic support Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA. If you would like further information please visit the website - Tropic Skincare