So where do I begin?

To give you some background, I have atopic eczema which is linked to food allergies. This was diagnosed 24 years ago by Doctors through skin prick tests and food diaries. Back then things were very different, information was limited (no internet!) and specialised products were hard to find. 

About five years ago my eczema started to flare up again. Since my diet was not the problem I set to work finding a solution. I do not remember how it started or where I plucked the information from but I became interested in possible links between "chemicals" in beauty products and allergies. Armed with this new information I slowly overhauled my beauty cabinet with natural and organic products and my eczema almost disappeared overnight. Now I'm not claiming that I'm cured but I certainly have things back under my control.

I have been following a variety of beauty blogs and vlogs in recent weeks and I have a few favourites. I enjoy what they offer but I feel there is a lack of recommendations for people with sensitive skin, eczema and allergies. I am also horrified at the price some people are willing to pay for beauty products. Like many people in this current economic climate I do not have the money in my purse for "high end" brands.

So this is where I begin with my blog, with the idea that I can provide informative tips to fellow eczema and allergy sufferers. Wish me luck!

Love Sugarpuffish (aka Sarah)

P.S to my future readers, this post never had a photo attached to it so I updated it with one taken a few years later, just in case you're wondering how I had this vegan ice cream in 2011 as time machines are yet to be invented :)