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An ELF is not just for Christmas (DISCONTINUED)

Postman Pat delivered a parcel Wednesday containing my ELF order.  I ended up purchasing Mint Cream and Mango Madness nail polish and Runway Pink (Mineral) lipstick.  Let me quickly remind you (as I mentioned the other day) the mineral line from ELF is free of parabens, chemical dyes and preservatives.  The nail polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.  

Firstly, I am impressed with the speed of delivery as I ordered on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday (bearing in mind Monday was a bank holiday). I am not a fan of buying make up online because the swatches can be different to when you have the product in your hand.   The lipstick is the classic case of this. I am a little disappointed as it appears pink/brown but seems to be baby pink on my lips.  Anyway, the lipstick is creamy and a pleasure to apply.  It lasted a few hours before lunch but then again I would not expect it to last all day for the price.

I like the nail polishes although they are not odour free as I might expect considering they lack certain chemicals.  I found two coats were needed to get a strong colour otherwise they are streaky and sheer.  I love the colour of Mango Madness it really pops but I am not sure about Mint Cream (but maybe I just need tan).  I cannot comment on how well they wear as I only ever use polish on my toes and it always last longer on feet than hands.  In my opinion for £1.50 each you cannot grumble if you need to re-apply more frequently. Overall I think you get what you pay for if you are someone on a budget these products are great but if you like high end brands you will probably hate them. The choice is yours!

Sarah x

Original product picture removed as ELF appear to no longer  sell them


  1. Pretty! Do they sell in U.S.?

  2. Can you post a swatch of the lipstick please? :)

  3. Jen - here is the USA webpage http://www.eyeslipsface.com/

    Vintage Makeup - it does not come out very well on my camera & I decided it would be misleading if added it

  4. -sugarpuffish

    Oh right, I understand. :)