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Get to know Sugarpuffish Q & A's

I thought I would take a day off from product reviews and focus on something else, so I opted for a Q&A. I figured you might like to get to know me a little better.

Your favourite bag that you own - I'm a fan of Fiorelli and Nica handbags and own a few. 

Anything Hello Kitty - I'm totally guilty of owning lots of Hello Kitty trinkets

Your Favourite animal - Dogs, especially our family pets a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & a Shih Tzu

Music you like - My collection is very varied but my favourites at the moment Diane Birch, Lissie, Samantha Shelton, The Mummers. I have also been a long time fan of Ben Lee

Your favourite beauty guru - I'm a follower of vloggers and bloggers alike but I don't have a stand out because everyone is a guru in this community, we all have our unique qualities.

Your favourite lip stick - I only have a few lipsticks but I'd probably say Red Apple Secrets because I wore it on my wedding day

What makes you happy? - Travel, food, Family, friends and blogging

Place where you want to live - Melbourne Australia, I was lucky enough to spend a year in OZ and I feel in love with Melbourne

Your favourite food - Thai is the winner for me and Toast with Vegemite is my favourite comfort food.

Your favourite skincare product - so many to chose from but anything from Odlique is a winner with me. 

Your favourite drink - Non alcoholic has to be Robinsons Peach Squash and alcoholic would be a Mojito

Your favourite nail polish - I like Little Ondine and have a range of colours from them.


  1. Love the nail polish color! New follower from blogaholic, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at

  2. Fiorelli handbag is gorgeous! I love it, and I love dogs as well :)

  3. Frugal in WV - thanks for following your blog has just made my tummy rumble

  4. Vintage Makeup - I'm not sharing it with you, it is all mine :)

  5. thanks for the mention. :) I am so nosey so I love these kinds of posts. Your dogs are so cute. x

  6. bright town girl - no problem I really do enjoy your blog, I agree the dogs are cute they always attract the old ladies when you are out on walkies :)

  7. ohhhh what a cute i pod speaker!! so pretty!! congrats for ur blog! im ur follower!

  8. Thank you Stefania for following

  9. I love Fiorelli bags! That one is gorgeous....love the colour.


  10. Thank you L & the colour look better in real life the picture does not do it justice