Travel: Parlez-vous français - Calais, France

I have already mention that the Boyfriend and I are on holiday so yesterday we took a day trip to Calais, France.  I guess it is one of the excellent things about living in the UK you can be in Europe in an hour.  It was a fun day out and something that we had not done since we were kids.  I think the days of the cheap supermarket shopping have long gone but you can get more variety with well known brands e.g. all the different Haribos (I am such a kid).

The fun part of the day (least favourite for the BF) was the French chemists and Sephora.  Here I could find brands that we have in UK but the difference is you can find the entire range not just select products as is often the case at home. Prices were not necessarily any cheaper but you obviously save on postal/shipping charges.  I recognised brands such as Klorane, Melvita, Nuxe, Caudalie, Bioderm, L'Occitane, Yves Rocher, Vinchy, Avene, La Roche-Posay, 

Sadly, my budget did not allow mass spending but I did treat myself to a Caudalie travel pack (8/9 euros).  I have always wanted to try this brand so I thought a mini collection was a good place to start.  The pack contains cleansing water, face cream, body cream, shower gel and shampoo.  Caudalie is a brand which is free from  parabens, mineral oils, SLS, artificial colours, phthalates and phenoxyethanol. Another great discovery at the Hypermarkets was finding everyday brands in the shampoo and shower gel aisles that were labelled free from certain ingredients and at the very least no parabens.  

I picked up a shower gel for less than 3 euros. It is not 100% free of junk but does not have parabens, colourants, phtalate, or phenoxyethanol. I chose the Mango fragrance and it smells amazing. 

My photos include Calais Town Hall, Calais Theatre, French Beach Huts and our Hypermarket haul. 

Sarah x


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