Blonde or Brunette? - Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour
(Images updated in 2020 and yes I'm still using Naturtint 7N Hazelnut Blonde)

I started going grey in my 20’s and was not willing to accept them into my life, so I have been colouring my hair ever since. Almost 2 years ago I was made redundant and was unemployed for a short amount of time so I had to make cut backs and decided to go back to home colouring. I never gave much thought to chemicals in hair dye until I used a Boots brand that nearly made me pass out from the strong toxic aroma.

The chemicals to avoid in hair colourants are Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), ammonia, peroxide, resorcinonl and parabens. From what I understand you need a certain amount of PPD to successfully cover grey. I have tried a few alternatives to mainstream box dyes. There are some alternative brands that have reduced the worrying ingredients in their products. I've experimented with  Daniel Field, Logona and Sanotint. I do not have any major complaint with them but the brand that by far works best on my troublesome greys is Naturtint.

I've been using Naturtint for around two years. It is a permanent hair colour formulated without ammonia, resorcinol and parabens but it does contain PPD and hydrogen peroxide. If you'd like PPD free then opt for Naturtint Semi-Permanent colours. I am not willing to accept the greys so this is my compromise and an improvement over mainstream brands. I find Naturtint hair dye very easy to use, it is a non drip formula, easy to apply (I use a colouring brush for use of application on roots) and there is no strong odour. After colouring my hair always feels very soft. If I get any colour on my skin or bathroom surfaces as long as I wipe immediately it will remove with warm water. To maintain my colour I make sure to use sulphate free shampoo and conditioners. My greys usually pop back around four weeks but I can usually hold out until week six before I choose to touch up my roots.

Naturtint is available to buy online but I also purchase at Holland & Barrett which is very convenient. If you're familiar with home colouring the box contains the expected kit required – a bottle of hair colorant and hair developer (which you mix together), instructions, plastic gloves and tube of conditioner for aftercare. 
Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour
My tips for successful colouring at home are –

- Remember with all dyes chemical free or otherwise a patch test is important, even if you have been colouring your hair for years with the same product, you can still develop an allergic reaction. 
- Take your time colouring your hair, do not do it in a hurry that way you can achieve a more professional look. I have had hairdressers comment on how well I dye my own hair. 
- Always wear old clothes and protect surfaces and flooring if you tend to make a mess 
- If you do not like the plastic gloves provided buy latex-free gloves from the chemist (usually found with first aid products) 
- I mix the product in the bottle and decant into a bowl. Then apply the colourant with a professional dye brush, this way I find I can brush onto the roots for better coverage. 

- Combing through the product with a wide tooth comb gives a more natural coverage so the colour does not look flat. Save some of the conditioner and use it a couple of weeks later as treatment boost for your new colour.

- For greys opt for multi tonal colour as it looks natural and re-growth is less likely to show after couple of weeks. Greys can feel prominent with darker colours which may not be to your personal liking. If you only have a few grey hair you may wish to choose a semi-permanent colour or try highlights/lowlights to camouflage.

Sarah x