Sexy Mama Translucent Powder

Are you similar to me and always looking for the perfect face powder? I guess I have a traditional approach to my routine and like to set my liquid foundation with a dusting of powder. Mineral foundations are currently very trendy but I don't see many natural brands offering setting or translucent powders. In a bid to find a face powder with fewer undesirable ingredients, I discovered theBalm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder. It is free from Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes and Phthalates.

I confess I was attracted by the packaging and the design reminds me of Benefit. Here is what theBalm say about their product - "Powder your face without a trace. This sexy formula with revolutionary, tiny oil-absorbing spheres removes dreaded shine leaving you with a soft matter finish. But wait, there is more. Sexy Mama has powers like no other powder, its virtually invisible - fooling even the most attentive admirer."

At first I was a little worried about the colour on my fair skin but fear not it really is a neutral/translucent shade. I feel I get an 'air brushed photo ready' finish. It is silky and feather light and seems to last the entire day. I do not have oily skin but it does help with shiny skin when I get some perspiration. Overall I really like this product it does what I require and the colour is perfect for my skin tone.

Have you tried theBalm cosmetics? What did you think? If anyone has a face powder recommendation I would love to hear about it.

Sarah x