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Sexy Mama Translucent Powder

I am always looking for the perfect face powder.  I am a traditional gal in that I like to use liquid foundation and finish off with a dusting of powder to set my make up.  It always seems to be a struggle to find a chemical free powder because mineral foundations are the current trend.  This means translucent powders are no longer required when you use these types of foundations.  In a bid to find a powder with fewer chemicals I discovered theBalm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder which is free from Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes and Phthalates.

I confess I was attracted by the packaging.  I adore the design and it reminds me of Benefit.  The price is less favourable you need to shop around as this product retails for £10 - £15.  Also you do not get much product for the price 7.08g

Here is what theBalm say about their product - Powder your face without a trace. This sexy formula with revolutionary, tiny oil-absorbing spheres removes dreaded shine leaving you with a soft matter finish.  But wait, there is more. Sexy Mama has powers like no other powder, its virtually invisible - fooling even the most attentive admirer.

When I first received the powder I was a little worried about the colour on my pale skin but fear not it really is a neutral/translucent shade.  I feel I get an 'air brushed photo ready' finish.  It is silky and feather light and seems to last the entire day.  I do not have oily skin but it does help with shiny skin when I get some perspiration.

Overall I really like this product it does what I require and the colour is perfect for my skin tone, however,  I probably would not re-purchase due to the price and size.

Has anyone else tried theBalm products? What did you think? If anyone has a face powder recommendation I would love to hear about it.

Sarah x


  1. I've not tried it but I do love the packaging too!

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  2. @MommyDigger thanks for your comment & following me hope you are having a great weekend?

  3. It sounds great! I've always wanted to try thebalm, but I never do because they're a bit pricey.

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. @Vintage Makeup yes the price is not appealing I was lucky to get it on special offer

  5. This sounds good. Agree with you that the packaging makes it more appealling. lol. x

  6. @Bright Town Girl its super cute isn't it always makes me giggle when I get it out of my make up bag

  7. Thanks for this info, it's great to know! I am a pale girl myself. We are into eco/health friendly beauty products as well. Hope you come say hi!

    New follower from the Sunday Stalker Hop!

    Brandi from Three Fabulous Mommies

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