I am looking for natural and organic shampoos for no more bad hair days

Looking for natural shampoos for a bad hair day!
As you are now aware I am a strong believer that certain synthetic ingredients in beauty products are the route of all evil when it comes to my skin and eczema. I have a confession, to date none of my current hair care products are natural and organic. I have tried brands such as A'kin, Lavera, MOP, Aveda, Organix and Matrix Delicate Care. They all have pros and cons but none of them have me repeat purchasing. For me the main problem with SLS free shampoo and conditioner has been poor performance. My hair seems to rebel against my good efforts and becomes lank and greasy or extremely dry. Before you shout at me, I have used them for a good length of time to allow for a "purge" but I'm still not getting the results I desire. Also something is causing irritation and I can't quite figure it out. Of course even natural plant based ingredients can cause allergies. 

A friend recently gave me the Pureology Supersmooth range to try. Pureology is sulfate free, 100% vegan and 100% organic botanicals. It's clearly greenwashed but OMG this stuff is amazing. It leaves my hair smooth and silky and my hairdresser even commented on how great it looked. It smells fabulous and does not irritate my scalp or neck. The downside for me is the conflict and guilt for using a brand which is owned by L'Oreal and arguably greenwashed. Also the practicality that this is a salon brand which has prices that don't fit my budget over the long term. So for the time being I will continue to use what I have until I can find a range of natural shampoo and conditioners that ticks all the right boxes. This is where you my audience steps in to help, do you have a recommendation? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on natural and organic hair care.

Sarah x