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Brand Focus: Green People

Green People
Green People is a brand that has been around since 1997. When I first discovered them I was interested to learn that Charlotte, the founder began creating skincare when her daughter was battling eczema and allergies. Its a story which follows my own green journey. 

Green people are committed to full disclosure of ingredients and products are certified natural and organic by Ecocert. They are committed to being cruelty free and many of their products are suitable for Vegans. I particularly like that Green People offer a scent free range which can be helpful for those with allergies and sensitivities. If you are looking for natural skincare, body care, hair care and makeup then I recommend checking out Green People.

Sarah x

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  1. I didn't know about the giveaway! Thanks for the heads up. I just entered :) The bag is really cute!

  2. @Su thanks for entering perhaps I needed to be promoting the giveaway more than I already did - nevermind lol

  3. It's a very cute prize! I haven't entered because I have a lot of things similar so I think someone else should win. :)

    Great giveaway dear!

  4. found and following thru sit & relax hop...and i entered your giveaway :)


  5. @oomph thanks for stopping by I will hop over to your blog