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I rarely wear perfume because I find it can irritate my skin. Perfumes are full of chemicals like benzene, benzyl alcohol, limonene, acetone and ethanol so it is no surprise that my skin hates me when I use them. For several months I have been trying to find a natural alternative. The trouble is everything I have found is sold online and I want to be able to smell a fragrance before parting with my cash.

Last month I spotted a post on My Perfume Diaries which caught my attention (Article Link). I discovered that Su made her own perfumes so I got in touch. After a few emails and with Su’s help I opted to purchase Cherry Sorbet. I have been wearing it for a couple of days and I adore the fragrance. Su’s describes it as “fresh, slightly fruity, somewhat like a cherry blossom scent”. Today everyone that came in my office kept asking me what my new fragrance was and how much they liked it. I am the only women working for the company so I was impressed the men were even noticing. Not only is the fragrance a winner but Su made me a special blend using almond oil in order to reduce the chance of irritation and so far it’s working. Definitely check out Su's blog and ask her about her perfumes.

If anyone has "chemical" free perfume recommendations then I would be interested to hear them.

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