Girl Talk - Intimate Wipes

It is a delicate topic to discuss but I find feminine wipes handy to have in my handbag for travelling and during *whispers* that time of the month. I have tried a few brands but I confess never ones that were 100% chemical free. It is laziness on my part because chemical free brands are not readily available from the supermarket/chemist and it can be a hassle to always be shopping online.

I recently purchased Faith In Nature's Feminine Wipes and I paid £2.55 for a pack of 15 wipes. These wipes contain no synthetic chemicals, are fully biodegradable and they carry the Vegan & BUAV logos.

The wipes are a good size and very soft compared to others I have tried. I found the wipes did not dispense from the packet easily which was annoying. They were extremely moist when I first opened the packet but 7 days later were starting to dry out. 

The choice of "free from" feminine wipes appears to be limited but I also found Natracare Organic Cotton Wipes these were cheaper at £1.90 for 12 wipes.

I was not as impressed by these wipes. For starters the fragrance was a little strange which was off putting. I also found in comparison to Faith In Nature the wipes were not as moist and I realised I prefer a more "wet" wipe. The size was average so smaller in comparison to the Faith In Nature wipes. However they were easier to remove from the packet.

When comparing these two brands Faith In Nature was my preferred choice. However, when comparing to high street brands I am not sold on these chemical free versions. Don't get me wrong they win hands down on being chemical free but on factors such as moistness, fragrance, packaging and shelf life they lose. I think my quest for a natural alternative feminine wipe continues.

Faith In Nature also have a SLS, paraben free and vegan approved feminine wash, whereas, Natracare specialises in organic cotton pads and tampons.


  1. I love having wipes with me, but I don't think we have these brands where I am.

  2. Femfresh wash is all I use. Natural alternatives sound really good. I haven't looked for them but will try to :)

  3. @Su we have the femfresh brand over here I like the wipes but they contain parabens probably why they don't dry out as fast as the brands I mention here since parabens are preservatives.