Travel: I will send you a postcard from Amsterdam

travel sugarpuffish adventure map photo
I am so ready to put the out of office on at work and ditch this place for an adventure. There is nothing I love more than to travel. I've had the bug for some time now. We travelled overseas as a family when I was younger but my biggest solo adventure was a working holiday for 12 months in Australia. After I finished University I really struggled to fit back into home life and settle into finding work that I was passionate about. No one prepares you for the sense of loss I experienced after graduation. It was with a heavy heart that I returned home to the UK and I backpacked on and off for months but eventually I faced the fear of settling down with the promise to never stop travelling. 

July is my birthday month and my partner has booked us a trip to Amsterdam. I look forward to switching off from life and feeling that sense of adventure once again. Along with new sights and sounds, I'm looking forward to browsing a supermarket, does anyone else love that? There is nothing I love more than finding a few hidden free from treats that I can bring back in my suitcase.

If you have any suggestions of what we might see and do in Amsterdam, then leave me a comment below. For all my beauty lovers, I will be back next week with a new review and I'll be talking about the Suti cleansing balm.

Take care and don't miss me too much

Sarah x