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Booja Booja Dairy Free Ice Cream

Booja Booja Dairy Free Ice Cream

Every now and then I like to mix it up on my blog and move away from beauty and focus on Free From food. I finally manage to track down Booja Booja Dairy Free Ice Cream. Let me tell you this is one product that is difficult to find I have known about it for years but never seen it stocked anywhere local. Booja Booja make the most amazing Dairy Free Champagne Truffles so I had high expectations.

Firstly let me tell you this ice cream is organic, suitable for Vegans and is soya cholesterol and gluten free. It is available in five flavours - Coconut Hullabaloo, Smiling Vanilla M'Gorilla, Pompompous Maple Pecan, Hunky Punky Chocolate and Feisty Winjin Ginger. My local shop only had two of the flavours in stock so I opted for Coconut Hullabaloo, perfect for a coconut addict like myself. 

I am sorry Booja but I was very disappointed. It was nice ice cream but that is all it was. The texture was a little on the watery side and it did not have the creamy taste I dream about. My usual brand for dairy free ice cream is Swedish Glace which I will be sticking to in future. It beats this one on taste, texture and price. Can you believe I paid £5.99 for a 500ml tub? Yes madness on my part as Swedish Glace is £2.09 for 750ml. Sorry everyone but I really don’t understand why you are all raving about this ice cream. 

I read that Booja Booja have a no supermarket policy so you need to look in independent health food shops to find it.

Sarah x


  1. A no supermarket policy seems like a weird thing to have...I'd think a company would lose a lot of sales that way!

    1. I totally agree I assume it's because many think the big supermarkets are evil as they destroyed the high street, so they are supporting the little guys. I see that it's true but whilst the bigger shops are there you are not going to get the smaller retailers back so someone like me doesn't have close by independent health food store so I can't easily find their products, I guess you can say that's a Catch 22 :)