Post Weekend Catch Up with Starbucks, Beauty Boxes and Magazine Freebies

I hope everyone has had a good weekend?  I noticed I gained a few more followers so I would like to say Hello, Thank You and I look forward to your comments.  It also gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that I have now nudge over 100 followers.

For me the weekend was about simple pleasures and some new discoveries.  I was like a kid at Christmas when I discovered Starbucks have re-launched their Frappucinos - yes I am late to the party, I don't frequent Starbucks regularly.  The new Frapps can be made Dairy Free perfect for those of you who are Vegan or have a Milk Allergy (the latter being me!).  My local Starbucks was a little bit sketchy with the details so there is still some research to be done because I am not sure if all varieties are suitable.  You can definitely have the Strawberry & Cream and it is delicious.  I will be fully embracing my new found freedom but my bank account might not be thanking me.  Why is Starbucks expensive? Plus they charge you extra for Soya Milk *sigh!*

As you are probably aware subscription beauty boxes have been launched in the UK.  You can guess why I do not subscribe to Glossybox so I have been keeping an eye out to see if anyone would cotton on to the fact that there would be a gap in the market for a natural beauty box. Well I found one girls....Amarya have launched a £10 a month box.  I have not subscribe just yet as I am still weighing up the expense and waiting to read some blogger reviews. 

I made some savvy purchases at the weekend so look out for upcoming reviews. Red Magazine has included a Balance Me shower gel with the September issue.  You get a 125ml tube for the price of the magazine £3.80 not bad considering the full size retails for £12 - one of the reasons why I have never tried it before.  I had a mooch around Superdrug (I am a Boots Girl) and discovered Superdrug's own brand Feminine Wipes (£1.49). They are paraben free so I grabbed a packet to try.  I also bought Naked Perfect Getaway Cleanser because it was on special offer (half price £2.24).  This is another product which I was determined to track down but the mistake I was making was only looking in Boots *doh!*.

I also kept the Postman busy this weekend with parcel deliveries.  I have been on the look out for products to try and have made a few requests for samples. Cornish Creams and Earthbound have been kind enough to fulfill my request, so keep an eye out for a review in a couple of weeks.

Monday Morning Blues hit me hard this morning and I am counting down to the next weekend. Tell me what new discoveries did you make this weekend? 

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