My Hero Product - Simmons & Co Paw Paw Salve

Paw Paw Salve
UPDATE - Simmons & Co Paw Paw Salve is no longer available, alternatives are PURE Papaya Ointment and Suvana Paw Paw and Coconut Balm

This small tube is a staple item in my handbag and my life saver. I discovered it on my travels around Australia and have been using it for a number of years. Little did I know that it was a celebrity must have product.

Pawpaw or Papaya has fantastic health and healing properties. Raw papaya is rich in vitamins and minerals and the active ingredient in salves is the enzyme papain.

My tube of salve is multipurpose it makes a fantastic lip balm, heals cuts, moisturises dry skin and most of all calms my itchy eczema. If anyone has a skin condition that they cannot ‘cure’ I always recommend giving Pawpaw a try as it often does the job. Some suggestions for uses of pawpaw are nappy rash, dry skin, cuts, abrasions, chafing, heat rash, mosquito bites, insect bites, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis & open wounds.

The salve pictured here is made by Simmons & Co. It is a thick consistency and I reckon this 25g tube has lasted me almost a year. Sadly, I recently read that it is no longer being manufactured as Mr Simmons has retired but I must not fear as there are other brands on the market. However it is still a sad loss as I know this one so well. One word of warning is there are some brands of Pawpaw that contain petrochemicals. Lucas Pawpaw Ointment (in a red tube) is often featured in magazines but it is petroleum jelly based whereas Simmons contains natural waxes.

On a funny note I know a Labrador with particular fondness for this product and I found her with my tube of Pawpaw between her teeth. She had got into my handbag and decided that was what she wanted to eat and she ignored the chewy sweets.

Sarah x