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Special Offer for my Followers

The other day I blogged about Pure Thoughts click here. I decided to let them know what I thought about my purchase. Imagine my surprise when they emailed back and informed me they would like to offer my readers a discount.

The offer is £1 off any whipped shea butter for the month of August - the code SUGARPUFFISH (Upper Case) needs to be entered in the voucher code box during checkout and the discount will be applied.

A huge thank you to Pure Thoughts and I hope my Readers are able to make use of the offer.


  1. How nice of Pure Thoughts! Hope you UK guys score a bargain :)

    Hearing all the news about London Riots. Hope you are okay. Stay safe! x

  2. @Su it is crazy what is happening in London at the moment it is selfish to say this but I am glad I do not live there. If I have any Londoner Followers I too would like to tell them to Stay Safe

  3. That's so nice of you to share! Thanks for letting us know. :)