Review: Earthbound Organics - natural & organic skincare from Wales

Earthbound Organics natural skincare from Wales
Disclaimer – I was sent these products free of charge, all opinions are my own and I am not being paid to do this review or promote the website/products.

Earthbound Organics is based in Wales with ingredient selected from the Welsh countryside in their formulations. I stumbled across their website whilst browsing online and was kindly sent products for review. I received the Organic Rose Toner, Honey Mud Mask, Jojoba & Vitamin E cream and Chickweed & Calendula cream.

I started out with the Honey Mud Mask which contains green clay, rosewater and honey. It is a bit messy but that is to be expected and it dries with a tightening effect. I normally opt for moisturising masks so this was a step from my comfort zone. As the mask dries you can feel your skin tighten which can be a little unpleasant so I suggest not leaving it on for too long if you feel these effects. I was please to discover that when I removed the mask my skin felt soft and looked refreshed. Mud masks are very popular so I am sure many of you will be interested to try this one.

I decided to passed the the Jojoba & Vitamin E cream onto my sister for testing and she provided a mini review for me which I hope you will find useful - "When I first opened the pot the cream reminded me of butter icing. The texture is soft to the touch and fragrance has a lovely hint of citrus. It absorbed straight into my skin leaving no sticky residue. My face feels so soft and I even used it all over my body. This is a fantastic cream and great value for money. I will be buying this cream for myself." (Lou)

I think the Chickweed & Calendula Cream was probably the one product I was very keen to try and it has been pleasant to use. Chickweed and Calendula are well known for their effects on sensitive skin and are common ingredients found it products for skin types prone to eczema. I cannot decide whether this cream is having an effect on my dermatitis but it certainly feels soothing and helps with dryness. It's a good all rounder for general skin ailments and whilst you can never guarantee to cure, this product may help assist you to manage a problem skin type.

Sarah x