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Review: BM Beauty Finishing Powder

Back in June I reviewed TheBalm Sexy Mama powder. I finished up this product and decided not to repeat purchase due to the price. This time around I looked at companies that make mineral foundations. Often these brands offer a finishing powder which you apply after application of their foundation powders and this is how I discovered BM Beauty

BM Beauty was founded by Kimberley Wyatt and Laura McComiskie. Now some people may be attracted to products when there is a celebrity face behind the brand but this is not important to me. I am only interested in price, performance and company ethics.

I purchased the Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder because it costs £8 for 4g which is a good price in comparison to other mineral make up brands. As for the company ethics this brand is approved by BUAV, is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, and free from parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances, fillers, bismuth oxychloride, nano particles and animal products. 

The finishing powder is a light peach pink colour with a delicate shimmer. The swatch on the website is a good match to the product in person. The powder is silky soft on the skin and the shimmer gives a dewy finish rather than a shiny sparkle. It is lightweight and blends easily with my natural skin tone. 

I just have a couple of minor complaints. Firstly, look at the box my product arrived in. The product was protected with tissue paper and I do think the box size is ridiculous for the product size. My second complaint is with the sifter jar. I love the small compact size but the product is tightly compacted into the 20ml pot meaning initially there is no room for movement. This makes it very difficult to get the powder out. I think if the jar was a few mils bigger to allow the powder to move around it would be easier to dispense the product. 

My final thoughts are I am very impressed by BM Beauty's Finishing Powder and I like the way my skin looks after applying this product. Has anyone else tried BM Beauty? 

Disclaimer - prices correct at time of publication


  1. Sounds like a great product. I love to read more of your makeup reviews :)

    BTW, I reuse all those boxes, paper, bubble I get with orders. They only go to the recycle bin if they are really crushed or unusable.

  2. @Su thanks for your comment the trouble is I use very little makeup so haven't got much to talk about lol. I am the same as you, I do use use where I can but I think its shameful that Companies don't reduce packaging in the first place.

  3. Sounds like a good foundation. I like the idea of mineral foundation I just cant get the coverage I want with them. It also really annoys me when companys waste packaging like that. x

  4. This sounds like a nice product. I don't use powder much though as it looks weird on me. Too much packaging annoys me and most ethical companies I've bought from are guilty of this. But I like to reuse the colourful tissue paper for presents.

    1. I've re-purchased this powder since writing this post. I find it very easy to wear in terms of texture & colour. Some companies are very wasteful when it comes to delivering products to you.