Green Beauty at TK Maxx and Gelatine Free Veggie Percy

Like most of you this weekend I have spent time browsing on the high street. I don’t normally go into TK Maxx but shopper’s instinct lead me there. I found myself in the beauty section and was pleasantly surprised to discover organic and natural brands on the shelves some I have heard of and others were new discoveries. 

Organic Surge Moisture Boost Conditioner 
The Jersey Cow Company Unwind Body Wash 
Tashodi Three Butter Body Cream Cinnamon & Brown Sugar. I was intrigued by the green power label, after checking the website I discover that Tashodi products are manufactured using wind, solar and hydro power.

I also bought from Marks & Spencer Veggie Percy Pigs, a gelatine free version of the cult favourites and I can verify they are very nice! Lastly, was a gift with purchase, as you all know I dye my hair with Naturtint and with my last order I received mini samples of their shampoo & conditioner (free from sulphates & parabens). 

Let me know what you spent money on this weekend in the comment section below. 

Sarah x