Review - Brown Earth Mango, Shea & Cocoa Body Cream

Review Brown Earth Mango, Shea & Cocoa Body Cream
I previously resisted blogging about this product because it is my best kept secret.  Most people I recommend it to have never heard of the brand.  Let me introduced you to one product that I cannot be without - Brown Earth Body Cream. I enjoy using either the Mango, Shea & Cocoa Butter or the Coconut, Shea & Cocoa Butter version.  This cream is super rich and luxurious, it smells divine and it hydrates your skin leaving it baby soft.  A little goes a very long way making it excellent value for money. 

As a little side note before delving into this review, I understand that people with latex and nut allergies should be cautious of Shea Butter. It would be advisable to patch test and consult with you doctor if you have any concerns. Shea butter is extracted from a nut and contains natural latex which has a similar chemical composition to the sap-like latex extracted from the Rubber Tree. 

When I first discovered Brown Earth body butters I was having problems with my legs.  My skin was flaky and shaving was leaving my legs extremely sore.  I was in a Catch 22 situation because all the lotions I tried were not hydrating enough or caused skin irritation on top of already having shaving rash ouch!  After using Brown Earth body cream this problem was eliminated and I honestly mean that. The hydration from this product is so fantastic and I do not feel as if I must apply everyday because of the lasting effects. I can comfortably apply  immediately after shaving and not experience a stinging sensation. There is the added bonus that my skin always feels soft and doesn't look flaky.

Brown Earth Body Cream has a rich and buttery texture but it absorbs into the skin very easily.  It is suitable for all skin types if like me you have naturally dry skin I think you will love how it feels.  There is no difference between the Mango or Coconut in terms of performance I just cannot decide which fragrance I prefer so I alternate.  I have three favourite foods in my life Coconut, Mango and Cinnamon so I will always gravitate towards products with these fragrances.

Sarah x