What I eat: Free From and Vegan - Amy's Kitchen and Moo Free

Time for an update on content as my original post featured foods no longer available however this is not true for all as you can still buy Moo Free Caramelised Hazelnut bar and Amy's Kitchen Bean & Rice Burrito

Moo Free dairy free chocolate has changed branding over the years and the range has expanded. You'll find products in most supermarkets and independent retailers. Aside from the original bars they now produce choocy drops, Easter Eggs and Advent Calendars. These days I prefer their novelty Mini Moos and baking drops over the original bars. Moo Free is great for kids and anyone missing sweet taste of milk chocolate.

I'm still a fan of Amy's Kitchen and most supermarkets stock their ready meals and other items from the range. I'm a big fan of their soups as this is probably one food that is hard to find milk free as creamy soups are very popular judging by the shelves. I regularly enjoy the lentil, split pea and hearty Italian soups. The vegan burrito can be harder to find so I've not eaten this one in a long time, it's the dairy cheese version which stores seems to regularly stock. With the ready meals I occasionally enjoy the Chinese Noodles & Veggies and Black Bean and Vegetable Enchilada. 

Next time you are grocery shopping keep an eye out for these products and try them for yourself. Moo Free is located in the Free From section. Amy's Kitchen ready meals are frozen and the soups are located on the Free From shelves or with other mainstream brands e.g Heinz, Batchelors etc.

Sarah x