Gift Ideas - Dilly Daydream Classic Shower Caps

Dilly Daydream shower caps
I am loving Twitter at the moment as I've made a few new discoveries in my local area. It's really awesome to connect with people and find new activities for my weekends.

A retweet allowed me to discovered a local Christmas Craft Fair and Farmers Market so I decided to visit. If you are looking for gift ideas then one stall stood out to me. Dilly Daydream is a British company, established in 2007 and they make beautiful shower caps. Forget those plastic tacky hotel freebies, these are crafted with gorgeous, brightly coloured designs. They are wonderfully luxurious and you will instantly feel like a pampered human and queen of the bathroom. There is an air of old fashioned tradition but with a modern twist. I think these shower caps would bring a smile to anyone. Can you possibly resist treating yourself to one of these? 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend? Don't be shy and leave a comment below, tell me what you bought this weekend or any great food you enjoyed.

Sarah x