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Newly Discovered - Evolve Organic Beauty, Kallo and Bear Yo Yo

Today I thought I would once again share with you my free from finds from the past week. I discovered via Twitter that Evolve Organic Beauty has had a make over and are now offering samples. This is a range I have seen on other websites but never taken the plunge to buy. When money is tight and you have allergies sometimes you are reluctant to try new things. Samples are free but you do have to pay postage which is 60p. Evolve is a natural brand, vegan & vegetarian friendly and free from the nasties such as parabens, sulphates, silicones, synthetic fragrance & colours.

Kallo Organic Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins - Suitable for Vegetarians, Gluten Free. Not advertised as dairy free but I eat them as they do not contain milk. Kallo do state may contain traces of milk due to manufacturing processes.

Bear Yo Yo (Blueberry) - Ok so these are aimed at Kids but I enjoyed this sweet treat of 100% fruit. The collectable Bear nature fact card that is inside the pack cheered up my lunchtime!

Tiger Tiger Microwave Rice Noodles - quick lunchtime ready meal snacks when you have allergies are impossible to find. I regularly have the Easy Snax Rice but spotted these noodles. Gluten free, Dairy free, suitable for Vegetarians, no artifical colours, flavours or preservatives. Other flavours are available but check labels as allergens vary.

All the food products featured here were purchased in Sainsbury's. I can recommend everything was very tasty.