What I eat - Vegan and Free From at Waitrose

Waitrose vegan and free from food
UPDATE 2020: Hi! Sarah from the future here, this post was originally all about my excitement to visit Waitrose for Free From and Vegan treats. It's very interesting to look back on as Waitrose now has an extensive Vegan range. Every supermarket has jump on to the popularity for vegan options. The items below still go into my trolley but I can add a few more favourites like the Waitrose Vegan Mac & Greens (it's heavenly!) or Mushroom Carbonara,  Smoky Meatless Feast Pizza and Crisp-Crumbed Fishless Goujons. 


This weekend, just to change things up I went shopping at Waitrose. If you can't wait for an online order of natural and organic skincare then it's a good place to visit.  My local store stocks Neals Yard, Organic Surge, Balance Me, Louise Galvin, Jason and Tisserand. As the title suggest this post isn't about beauty instead I thought it might be interesting to see the types of free from and vegan foods that I stock up on.

Swedish Glace is my favourite milk free ice cream and Waitrose stocks more flavours than the other stores

Alpro Soya Dairy free yogurts are a staple part of my daily diet, my favourite is the Exotic & Peach

Taifun Tofu-Weiner are my go to whenever I fancy a hot dog, for me these are like have a true German Frankfurter, excellent with Sauerkraut and crispy onions.

Sakata Rice Crackers I can not explain how super excited I am to have found these I used to live on these when I was in Australia, they are the best rice crackers. They are available in other flavours but the Plain are the only ones which are free from milk.

Lazy Days Foods rocky road is my go to treat, you would never guess they are free from and vegan

Sarah x


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