Why I choose not use Petroleum Jelly

Why I choose not use Petroleum Jelly and mineral oil
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I'm sure many of you experience chapped and dry skin during the colder winter months and you may turn to petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline) to try and alleviate the symptoms. I choose not to use petroleum based skincare and instead opt for natural plant derived alternatives. I'd like to share my thoughts on why I go to these lengths and if you are willing to hear me out then maybe you too would like to become a green beauty consumer.

When looking at labels petroleum can also be identified as mineral oil, liquidum paraffinum, paraffin oil, petrolatum and paraffin wax. Petroleum is a natural ingredient from the earth and when refined, purified and processed we get the mineral oil used within the beauty industry. For many years people have been concerned about contaminants but the refining process removes any risks. Mineral oil is unlikely to cause skin reactions so it commonly found in products for sensitive skin. It is deemed safe to use and there are no restrictions in skincare. Mineral oil may be viewed as a cheap ingredient therefore it is commonly found it products with a lower price point. It is mass produced so an alternative plant derived ingredient can command a higher price.

Mineral oil is common in eczema products because it's an emollient, locking in moisture and forming a barrier on the skin. This isn't an ingredient which should be feared but I prefer active ingredients that are soothing and anti-inflammatory. I have experience of infected eczema and if you are not sterilizing skin before application I am concerned about trapping dirt and germs under the barrier which may result in slowing down the healing process. After I decided to remove paraffin based emollients from skincare routine I saw a difference in the appearance and health of my skin. Active ingredients are definitely my top priority and the type of alternatives I'm looking for include olive, almond, wheat germ, grape seed, sunflower, rosehip, apricot kernel, jojoba, coconut, papaya, cocoa butter or shea butter.

If you experience long term effects of chapped lips but are continually applying lip balms then I'd suggest you check the ingredients for petrolatum. Consider switching to a balm free from mineral oil e.g. Hurraw, Crazy Rumors, Lavera, or Benecos. Balms for body and face are plentiful in the green beauty community and I have a long list of favourites. I would certainly point you in the direction of Odylique, Herbfarmacy, Lyonsleaf, Ere Perez, Silvan Skincare, Botanicals and Bathing Beauty.

I'm always happy to help people find green beauty alternatives so if you would like to ditch mainstream brands please feel free to message me via email or social media and I'll do my best to help you.

Sarah x