Review - Balmology Comfort Balm

Review Balmology Comfort Balm
I have fallen in love with using balms on my eczema and dry skin.  They provide the intensive moisture boost that my skin craves.  When I was contacted by Balmology asking if I would like to try their Comfort Balm I jumped at the opportunity.

The Comfort balm contains fantastic organic natural ingredients including calendula and chamomile which are known to help soothe itchy, sore and irritated patches.   These are ingredients that may benefit those of us who suffer from eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. The consistency is as you would expect from a balm, rich and thick but melts in contact with warm skin. My skin loves this product, how do I know? Well it sinks in and does not leave me feeling greasy.  I recently put this balm to the ultimate test when I broke out in an itchy rash under my chin (seriously do not know why that happened I'm just a freak of nature!).  This new mini rash flared up quickly so I immediately applied the balm and the itching sensation was soothed.  Over time (an hour or two) I believe it helped reduced redness.  The great thing with this product is I find it can calm itching for several hours therefore it is not necessary to continually reapply.  I have eczema patches on my back so it is not always feasible to apply lotions and potions throughout the day as I need assistance.

If you have itchy or overly dry skin I recommend you invest in a natural balm, for me it makes the world of difference in providing some relief to sore skin. I highly recommend Balmology it has become a firm favourite.  Give it a try.

Do you have a favourite balm for dry skin? Have you tried Balmology? 

Sarah x

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