Review REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk

REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk

UPDATE 2021: My original review maybe outdated due to product changes but it remains on this page for reference. The image has been replaced to show the latest version of the products featured in this review. I believe REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk to be the equivalent cleanser.

A few months back I purchase REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk. REN products are free from certain ingredients and as a brand they are against animal testing. REN offers a wide variety of products for different skin types and this cleanser falls within the Dry Skin range. It is described as “A cleansing milk formulated to gently yet thoroughly cleanse dry skin without leaving it dehydrated or tight”. I was surprised at the creamy texture because in the past when I have used cleansing milks they tended to be runny. The fragrance is very gentle and naturally sourced.

A gentle cleansing milk that leaves sensitive, delicate and reactive skin purified, calm and soothed. 

Recently I have been reviewing balm cleansers so it felt strange to go back to a milk cleanser. I think I prefer the richness a balm offers me. I have found REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk comforting as it has not left my face dry nor has it irritated my skin. It is easy to use and suitable as part of your morning and evening routine.

REN cater to various skin types so there are plenty of options to choose from. It would be fair to say I sit on the fence with REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk, I wouldn't say I did like it but I do not love it either. There are other cleansers on the market which I would opt for as an alternative to this one.

Has anyone else tried REN skincare? What did you think? 

Sarah x