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My Allergies & Intolerances

picture credit: graphicsfairy.blogspot.com
I am not sure if it is of interest to any of you but I thought I would list my allergens, intolerance and eczema triggers.  Some of these are medically diagnosed and others are self diagnosed.  The list gets longer every year of my life and sometimes I lose track.

My symptoms are varied - eczema, rash/hives, itchy throat, sinus problems (blocked nose & glue ear) vomiting, diarrhoea, sweating, stomach pains, mild asthma, swollen joints.  I may suffer just one of these or a combination.  So far in my life I have never had anaphylaxis.

Milk, Eggs, Yeast, Oranges, Strawberries, Melons, Kiwis, Grapefruit, Piccalilli, Fungus, Lobster

Penicillin, Ibuprofen

General Living
Wool,Cats, Dogs, Feathers, Dust, Pollen, Grass, Biological Laundry Detergents, Air Fresheners, Perfume, Washing Up liquid, Soaps, Bubble baths, Lanolin, majority of high street Sun creams (Ambre Solaire is the exception), Costume Jewellery/Backs of Watch (I don’t experience this any more so I assume manufacturers got wise to the problem), Women’s shaving gels (for some reason don’t have an issue with ones designed for Men).

These are non-natural brands full of toxins.  Obviously prior to my knowledge about chemicals in products my parents or I would have these in our home and I would use them. The list is very long these are just the worst of the bunch in terms of the reaction they have caused on my skin.  Fairy Washing Up Liquid, Comfort, Lenor, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea, Dove, Balsam Tissues, Radox, Simple, Imperial Leather   

My unique/strangest allergy
I think there are a couple of allergies which are unique.  I have never come across anyone else with the same problem.  The first one is Grass.  I have Hayfever but also I can not sit on freshly cut grass.  By this I mean I can not have my skin touch the grass, if I have trousers or a blanket to sit on its not a problem.  If I do come in contact I instantly get an itchy rash which can blister.
The second weird allergy relates to Fungus.  Under the skin of root vegetables is a naturally occurring fungus.  If I peel a vegetable without wearing rubber gloves my hands flare up with an instant rash which is very painful.  I experience this mostly with potatoes.

Difference between Allergy & Intolerance
As far as I understand the difference is an allergy is connected to how your immune system responds to a substance where as an intolerance is to do with digestion.  It is complex hence why the two are often confused.  Follow this link if you would like to learn more www.allergyuk.org

Handy Tips to reduce Allergens
  1. When dusting use a damp cloth that way dust does not fly around the room making you sneeze.  
  2. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner there are ones with specialist filters to reduce allergens.  
  3. If you have eczema on your body wash your hair over the bath or sink so that the shampoo does not wash over your skin.  Your body wash may not cause you irritations but a shampoo/conditioner could be the cause.
  4. When bathing try to keep the water temperature moderate otherwise if it is too hot it does you no favours and dries out your skin.
  5. Always use rubber gloves or disposable gloves (latex free) when washing up or cleaning your home. 
  6. Regularly vacuum the mattress.  You can also buy special allergy covers for pillows and mattress.
  7. Make sure you remove mould from bathrooms or curtains or anywhere else in your home.

I hope this has been an interesting post.  If you have any strange allergies or intolerances then please feel free to share them in the comments section below.


  1. poor you must be difficult. i have eczema and i think it gets worse when i have alot of wheat and dairy but i dont have a lot of those anyway. but besides that mine is all chemical related like bio fabric prodcust or harsh chemicals in products. oh and pineapple makes my tongue numb, but its my favorate so i wont stop >:)


  2. Wow! It's terrible that you're allergic to oranges, and strawberries as I love both!

    Can you use products containing orange oil? I mean are oranges only an issue if you ingest it?

  3. I think it's good that you've shared this, allergies are becoming more and more common. I don't know how I could live if I was allergic to as many things as you are though, it must be very hard.

    It seems like you have the hardest time with scented products, all of the brands mentioned just reminded me of their trademark scents (which while I don't like them, I can stand). I try and avoid artificially scented products because of all of the untested chemicals in them.

    I have to burst your bubble because I too am pretty allergic to freshly cut grass. One day I came home from work when my boyfriend was mowing the lawn, within 5 seconds of walking past the front yard I had a severe burning sensation on the skin of my legs and immediately stripped my pants off thinking that a bug had bitten me or something. After a few minutes there were no less than 10 red patches on my legs that had an intense burning sensation, even a cold shower didn't help. There were no bugs or anything on my pants and there were no bite marks on my legs so my conclusion was that it was something about freshly cut grass.

    I have a less severe reaction to cut grass (I get itchy if it touches my skin but like you am ok with pants on or a blanket underneath) but I actually cannot walk past someone mowing lawn without having this happen. I literally have to run past someone's house if I see them about to start mowing their lawn, it gets very annoying when I have to walk to the bus stop.

    I'm curious if the fruits you're allergic to (melon, strawberries, etc) are actually a pesticide allergy rather than being allergic to the actual fruit? I say that because I notice a major taste difference between some organic and non-organic fruits. Obviously those fruits contain a lot of water and they say that pesticides used on those fruits stay inside them. I cannot eat mandarins unless they're organic because of the overpowering bitter, chemical taste of regular ones.

    I also have an allergy to Oranges, they make my arms itchy after i've consumed them and products which use Orange Oil are a no go for me unless I want lots of itchy pimples on my face.

    So yeah, thanks for sharing, it's interesting to see what people have reactions to and to raise awareness about all of the problems that people have with day to day items.

  4. @Laura thanks for sharing it is interesting to hear from other people with eczema. I think Pineapple allergy is common I know I was told to be cautious.

    @Vintage Makeup I can not eat an Orange I get and instant reaction. I do avoid orange oil in products as I am not 100% sure about reacting via my skin. It is not something I have ever been able to prove. I think it is possible if I use a product over a long period of time, I became very suspicious of a shampoo once.

    @MissTeaAddict well would you believe it after all these years someone else who suffers from cut grass allergy. Its a nightmare isn't it? My fruit allergies were diagnosed by a skin prick test at the hospital so its the actual fruit I'm allergic to as soon as I ingest I react. It is an interesting point you raise about pesticides. Scented products have been a massive problem for me since I was a baby. Now I understand chemicals that allergy is easier to manage.

  5. Hello there! I stumbled upon your area when I stumbled upon Su's beauty blog.
    First off, great work here and I am sure lots of useful information esp for those who so need it.
    I can possibly not imagine how it is to live with so many allergies. Jus a simple sneeze from dust gets me worked up.
    I learnt about exzema when my now-6-mon-old son reacted to a certain vaccine (or so it was diagnosed). He was 3 mon then had rashes all over. I was thrown off board. harder since it wasnt me who was suffering. Being a beauty blogger myself and having pretty thick skin I was used to not-abusing but lets say try-anything routine. I had then cut back on my own perfumes, lotions and what not.
    He is ok now and it must have been the vaccine it seems but it does flare up now and then. And I always wonder if it was my body lotion, deodarant, soap, washing liquid...
    In that sense I hear you! Guess I need to keep on the look out for allergents...
    I am still seeing the list and cant believe it. So many of the fruits! But just wanted to say bravo to you for having understood it and more so spreading the info!

  6. @Gaea thanks for stopping by & taking time to leave a comment. I have had eczema since I was a baby & I know my Mum will share your sentiments with how hard it is to watch someone else suffer especially your children. As the years go by it gets easier and as an adult I can make more informed choices.

  7. That's terrible. I can only imagine how you go through life dealing with so much. I really feel for you. I am sure everyone with allergies will find something useful in your blog because they can relate to you. Eventhough I have no allergies, I love to read about all the natural brands :)
    Keep up the good work! xoxo

  8. @Su you always leave me such lovely comments :) After all these years I'm pretty well trained when it comes to my allergies, its nice to finally have somewhere to share my experiences.

  9. I don't have allergies, but I do have psoriasis, so I have certain "triggers" based on what I use on my skin or eat, so I think your posts are really helpful and I think that even people who don't comment will come and read this if they are looking for tips, so kudos to you for being helpful!

  10. @Staci thanks for your comment it is really nice to hear that you think my blog is helpful. I only know a little bit about psoriasis it is interesting that you too can have triggers the same as eczema.

  11. My allergies and eczema are not as severe but they come out from time to time. I have this particularly tricky eczema on my upper left eyelid which is triggered by most synthetic products and stress. I also get itchy patches on my thighs whenever I'm stressed out or am about to have my period. I hope you find more and more products suitable for you. BTW, Can you take fish oil/ flaxseed oil?

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. Eczema is a pain I too will suffer during stressful times. I can take flaxseed do you recommend? I have heard good things about it

    2. Yeah, I recommend you give it a try :) And other anti-inflammatory and high in Essential Fatty Acids foods that are allowable in your diet. :) Eczema is partly due to a messed up immune system. When your immune system reacts to allergens, it causes inflammation in your body which can trigger or worsen your eczema. It can go the other way around, too. If your body is prone to inflammation, it shifts your immune system to "attack mode" which could cause eczema flare ups.

  12. Hmmm, this is very interesting! I'm in school now getting my Naturopathic Doctorate, so unique situations like this really interest me. I see that you listed a penicillin allergy, but have you tried another type of antibiotic? The reason I ask is because some people who take antibiotics can get a yeast overgrowth from the absence of bacteria in the intestines. A lot of the symptoms you mentioned are the same as the ones reported with the overgrowth. It could just be coincident though. If you want more info on that though, just let me now. :) How you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I rarely get ill so I haven't been prescribed antibiotics in a very long time. On the few occasions I have been given them I couldn't tell you what they are as the Doctor knows I can't have Penicillin so they give me an alternative.