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My Allergies & Intolerances

picture credit: graphicsfairy.blogspot.com
I am not sure if it is of interest to any of you but I thought I would list my allergens, intolerance and eczema triggers.  Some of these are medically diagnosed and others are self diagnosed.  The list gets longer every year of my life and sometimes I lose track.

My symptoms are varied - eczema, rash/hives, itchy throat, sinus problems (blocked nose & glue ear) vomiting, diarrhoea, sweating, stomach pains, mild asthma, swollen joints.  I may suffer just one of these or a combination.  So far in my life I have never had anaphylaxis.

Milk, Eggs, Yeast, Oranges, Strawberries, Melons, Kiwis, Grapefruit, Piccalilli, Fungus, Lobster

Penicillin, Ibuprofen

General Living
Wool,Cats, Dogs, Feathers, Dust, Pollen, Grass, Biological Laundry Detergents, Air Fresheners, Perfume, Washing Up liquid, Soaps, Bubble baths, Lanolin, majority of high street Sun creams (Ambre Solaire is the exception), Costume Jewellery/Backs of Watch (I don’t experience this any more so I assume manufacturers got wise to the problem), Women’s shaving gels (for some reason don’t have an issue with ones designed for Men).

These are non-natural brands full of toxins.  Obviously prior to my knowledge about chemicals in products my parents or I would have these in our home and I would use them. The list is very long these are just the worst of the bunch in terms of the reaction they have caused on my skin.  Fairy Washing Up Liquid, Comfort, Lenor, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea, Dove, Balsam Tissues, Radox, Simple, Imperial Leather   

My unique/strangest allergy
I think there are a couple of allergies which are unique.  I have never come across anyone else with the same problem.  The first one is Grass.  I have Hayfever but also I can not sit on freshly cut grass.  By this I mean I can not have my skin touch the grass, if I have trousers or a blanket to sit on its not a problem.  If I do come in contact I instantly get an itchy rash which can blister.
The second weird allergy relates to Fungus.  Under the skin of root vegetables is a naturally occurring fungus.  If I peel a vegetable without wearing rubber gloves my hands flare up with an instant rash which is very painful.  I experience this mostly with potatoes.

Difference between Allergy & Intolerance
As far as I understand the difference is an allergy is connected to how your immune system responds to a substance where as an intolerance is to do with digestion.  It is complex hence why the two are often confused.  Follow this link if you would like to learn more www.allergyuk.org

Handy Tips to reduce Allergens
  1. When dusting use a damp cloth that way dust does not fly around the room making you sneeze.  
  2. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner there are ones with specialist filters to reduce allergens.  
  3. If you have eczema on your body wash your hair over the bath or sink so that the shampoo does not wash over your skin.  Your body wash may not cause you irritations but a shampoo/conditioner could be the cause.
  4. When bathing try to keep the water temperature moderate otherwise if it is too hot it does you no favours and dries out your skin.
  5. Always use rubber gloves or disposable gloves (latex free) when washing up or cleaning your home. 
  6. Regularly vacuum the mattress.  You can also buy special allergy covers for pillows and mattress.
  7. Make sure you remove mould from bathrooms or curtains or anywhere else in your home.

I hope this has been an interesting post.  If you have any strange allergies or intolerances then please feel free to share them in the comments section below.