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Have you heard of Borealis Organics Skincare? (No Longer Trading)

I have been very complimentary about a number of products I have been sent recently. I wanted to clarify that my opinions are my own, if I don't like a product I will tell you. When you select brands that are handmade and natural a lot of care and attention goes into the quality of the product. I feel it is this attention to detail that makes natural products so good hence you are almost guaranteed fantastic results. 

I always said that nothing could part me from my Tropic moisturiser, that is until now. So what has me eating my words? Borealis Organics skincare is handmade using 100% natural, organic and fair trade ingredients. The story behind Borealis is similar to other independent companies I have shared with you. Behind the scenes is an owner who developed an interest in natural skin care because they experienced their own skin problems. From the viewpoint of someone with sensitive skin, I find comfort in knowing that the products are handmade by a person who can understand my skin issues.

I have been testing the Calendula & Chamomile Daily Defence Cream for Sensitive Skin. This moisturiser contains some fantastic ingredients - Calendula, Camomile, Neroli, Geranium, Rosewood, Red Raspberry seed, Macadamia oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Shea butter. Many of these ingredients are known for their healing properties and suitability for sensitive skin types. This combination of ingredients provides a fragrance which is light, natural and slightly herbal rather than floral.

So what do I think? The truth is I have totally fallen for this moisturiser. It is rich yet manages to be light and air whipped in texture. My skin instantly absorbs the cream and is left feeling soft and plump. In the past, I have used creams that do not hold up against the cold weather or central heating and by mid afternoon dry patches are clearly visible. Not the case with this moisturiser. My skin looks just as good at 10pm as it did at 7am. I have confidence in the ingredients and can happily apply the cream to sensitive areas without worrying about causing further irritation. I am finding the cream very economical. I apply a small amount of cream over my face and neck, mornings and evenings. As you can see from the picture, the jar is still very full after 3-4 weeks usage. In case you are wondering a 60ml jar costs £15.75.

I highly recommend this moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin. If this is not your skin type then Borealis have alternative moisturisers for dry, mature, normal or combination. The Borealis range extends beyond moisturisers and offers a wide variety of skincare products for men and women.

Sarah x

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  1. oooh cant wait to check their website out. like ive said on a previos post, im realy sensitive, but no way near like you, but im finding the more organic i use the better my skin is.

    great post

  2. @Laura thank you & if you decided to purchase let me know how you get on :)

  3. Im on the look out for a moisturiser that won't irritate my skin, and you've really sold this one to me. The only problem is you've also made me want the Tropic cream! lol

    Which one do you prefer out of the two? Or are they pretty equally matched?
    Carrie xx

  4. @Carrie - that's a very tough question as until I tried this one Tropic was hands down the winner. I think it's an equal match. I would say Borealis is a slightly heavier texture and I think that is why I am currently preferring it during the colder weather. Tropic is designed for all skin types whereas this particular one from Borealis is specific to sensitive skins. Does that help make the decision process any easier? :)

  5. Thank you for getting back to me! I'm leaning towards the Borealis one seeing as the cold weather affects my skin too. Thanks for your help :)