Introducing Angela Langford Skincare

Angela Langford Skincare free skincare samples
I love to spend time browsing the web in search of natural skincare.  Over the years I have discovered fantastic handmade products.  I would like to share with you my latest find Angela LangfordThe background story to the brand is different to other because it doesn't revolve around someone with sensitive skin and eczema. It was simply born out of a personal need for skincare, you see Angela was living in Spain and missing her products from home. Angela is a talented cook and likens skincare formulation to creating recipes (she was a contestant on Masterchef).

I decided to order a free sample pack. A payment towards postage is required but there is no further obligation to buy and each pack contains an exclusive 15% off voucher for your first purchase. During the checkout process you are asked questions about your skin so that the sample pack can be tailored to your needs.  I also received detailed paperwork informing me about the products, ingredients and how to use them. The samples are small in size and I would estimate you would get 2-3 applications. Attention to detail is always an important part of any purchase and I felt special when my samples arrived packaged in a pink organza bag. 

Apologies for a stock image off the Angela Langford website, I totally forgot to take my own picture. Sadly, the problem with allergies is even with the best intentions testing products can be a miserable fail. I want to be clear it is no fault of Angela Langford its was mine for not checking properly before ordering. Despite not having first hand experience of the products I still wanted to give the Angela Langford skincare a mention as I was happy with the service I received.

Sarah x


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