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My Desert Island Product - Papaya Salve (Paw Paw Balm)

I have mentioned this before but my hero product is Papaya salve (also known as Paw Paw). My previously wrote about my favourite brand Simmons which I had used for a number of years but sadly it is no longer manufactured. About two or three months ago I switched to Phytocare Pure Papaya Ointment. Coincidentally, my blog post “Why you should not use petroleum jelly” caught the attention of Pure Papaya. They contacted me about doing a review not realising I was already using their ointment. I believe that Lucas Papaya balm is the one most people seem to be familiar with. It is the one I see featured in magazines and on celebrity must have lists. I do not recommend Lucas because it contains petroleum. Simmons and Pure Papaya are natural and petroleum free hence why I have been using them for so long.

The two brands do differ slightly in fragrance, texture and ingredients. Aside from Papaya, Pure Papaya Ointment also contains calendula, shea butter, jojoba oil and macadamia oil. These are fantastic healing ingredients ideal for eczema and dry skin. When comparing fragrance Pure Papaya is stronger and sweeter. The only downside to this is you may not like the taste when applied to your lips, I must admit Simmons was better as lip balm due to the delicate fragrance/taste. The consistency and texture of Pure Papaya Ointment is softer and silkier than what I was use to with Simmons.

Despite the variations Pure Papaya Ointment is also a multi purpose product and remains a staple in my handbag. The fact that I can use one product for a variety of ailments is what makes it my desert island beauty product. It is ideal for my handbag as I can substitute my eczema cream, lip balm and antiseptic ointments for a tube of papaya. As I mentioned this product has many uses, here are a few more suggestions from Pure Papaya - nappy rash, sore nipples, cold sores, after care of tattoos, hard calloused skin, sunburn, burns & scalds, pressure sores & ulcers, insect bites, rashes, healing scars, taming eyebrows.

Everyone who I have recommended Papaya to has been happy with the results and pleased to have found it. It's affordable and effective plus I doubt you will regret purchasing it.

Sarah x