What I eat: Amy's Kitchen Vegetable Korma and Lentil Vegetable Soup

Amy's Kitchen Indian Vegetable Korma
As you know I have had a cold so I have been lazy at meal times. When I get sick I can't bear the thought of slaving over the cooker. I purchased from Holland & Barratt Amy's Kitchen Indian Vegetable Korma which is a frozen ready meal. It is Vegan and Kosher plus free from Dairy, Gluten, Lactose, Tree Nuts and Soy. Ready meals never look that appealing when cooked but this was not too bad it did bear some resemblance to the picture on the box. So what did I think? I really enjoyed my dinner it was mild in spices (which I like) lots of chunky recognisable vegetables and overall had a good flavour.

Amy's Kitchen Indian Vegetable Korma

I also purchased from Waitrose the Amy’s Kitchen Lentil Vegetable soup It is a hearty thick soup which is what I prefer. I like a soup that fills up my tummy. The flavour was good. It could benefit from a little more seasoning but that may be down to my taste buds being affected by my cold.

Amy’s Kitchen Lentil Vegetable soup
This soup is Vegan and Low Fat as well as being free from Dairy, Gluten, Lactose, Tree Nuts and Soy. I do prefer to cook my own soups but the tin varieties do offer convenience. There are very few dairy free soups in the supermarkets so it is nice to discover Amy’s Kitchen Soups.