Have you tried Giovanni 50/50 Conditioner?

Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Hydrating Calming Conditioner
The Giovanni 50/50 Conditioner is recommended for normal to dry/coloured hair. I like the fragrance, it's gentle with a hint of fresh citrus scent. The formulation has rich, medium thick consistency. It took a couple of washes to figure out the right amount for me but a 10p sized seems to be ample for my short hair. I do find if I use too much of this conditioner my fine hair feels weighed down and I quickly get greasy roots. When I first tried Giovanni 50/50 Conditioner I was amazed how even my damp hair instantly felt silky smooth and de-tangled, normally I'd only notice this once blow dried. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft and hydrated with improvement to dry ends. Before switching to natural products I was using salon brands. I'd go as far to say that Giovanni 50/50 Conditioner easily gives my mainstream brands a run for their money. It also works well as an intensive treatment, simply leave on hair for 5 – 10 minutes and then rinse out.

The only negative I would have is the packaging. Since the texture of this conditioner is thick and the bottle is not a traditional shape when you start to run out product becomes trapped at the bottom of the bottle. I need to shake in order to loosen the contents so I can squeeze out the product but its a little pet peeve that wouldn't stop me from re-purchasing. I'm slowly transitioning over to natural and organic hair care and if I was to compare to Organic Surge I think Giovanni (by a small margin) works better at taming my dry ends.

Giovanni hair care is Organic, Vegan and free from. If you would like to purchase Giovanni hair care it's available online at retailers such as Look Fantastic and Only Naturals

Have you tried Giovanni hair care? What did you think? 

Sarah x