Mini Product Review - Tisserand, Naturaleve, Lamas Beauty

I thought I would do a quick mini review of the products I picked up at the end of last year in TK Maxx.

Lamas Beauty Pumpkin Spice Polish 3 in 1 Instant Facial – The only thing I like about this scrub is it smells amazing and reminds me of cookies.  The grains are small and suspended in a gel.  I felt like I was getting a deep down skin scrub but without the feeling of attacking my skin with a scourer pad. However after washing this off, my face became dry very quickly and I had to apply more moisturiser than usual.  I definitely prefer the scrubs I have from Dr Organic and Tropic

Naturaleve Rejuvenating Balm – Another item I dislike.  Firstly the scent is very bland for a product containing rose geranium and pomegranate. It is completely different to my other balms (Balmology & Natural U) because this one is a liquid.  As you rub into your skin it turns into a consistency that reminds me of a lubricant (yuck!). After using this I did wake up feeling like it had clogged up my skin and I noticed over time I developed pimples.  My spots could be as a result of using this product but equally it may be down to hormones or the two new cleansers I have been testing.

Tisserand Renewing Cream Body Wash in Wild Rose & Lemon Leaf – This produces a creamy lather, leaves my skin feeling soft and I have not seen any signs of dryness.  Fragrance is always something personal and I don't dislike the scent but neither do I love it.  

Heathcote & Ivory Bath & Body Handwash in Blueberry & White Tea – Out of all the items I bought this is the one I like the most.  I have been using this as a handwash.  I love the fragrance; it is fruity and makes me smile.  I often struggle with hand soaps because of my sensitive skin but so far this is not causing any irritation or dryness so that makes me happy.

Overall, this latest haul was a big disappointment.  The only item I would re-purchase would be the Heathcote & Ivory liquid soap.  Have you tried any of these skin care products? What did you think? Leave a comment below.