Take care of your skin with plant based Body Oils

Take care of your skin with plant based Body Oils

Come on admit it who likes to use Baby Oil after a bath or shower? Many of you big babies love the stuff (my sister included). I personally have a love hate relationship with oils. It stems back to the years of bathing in bucket loads of Oliatum bath oil. The very same company that has a cult following something which I always find rather odd as I associate it with eczema.

As I was preparing to write this post, I received a tweet @sugarpuffish As you like things natural, have you tried Bio-Oil? The simple answer is No Thanks!.  Why? it contains Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) as well as a few other suspect ingredients like artificial colours. Bio-oil is another one of those companies who's advertising really makes me grumpy.  They happily promote the natural ingredients but do not openly share with you that those lovely plant extracts are suspended in oil made up of synthetic ingredients. It's not wrong in anyway but often these types of ingredients serve a purpose in formulation but offer no benefits to your skin. Let's not single out Bio-oil, in general your average high street baby/body oil will  contain petrochemicals. I personally want to avoid this for a variety of reasons which are further explained in a previous post titled Why I Choose not to use Petroleum Jelly 

So if you are looking to replace your high street body oils, here's a list to explore at your leisure 

CONSCIOUS SKINCARE Sweet Orange & Frangipani Body Oil
BALMONDS Bath & Body Oil
HEAVENLY ORGANICS - various scents available including Unscented
EVOLVE Super Berry Body Oil
JASON Vitamin E 5,000 IU Oil - All Over Body Nourishment
FUSHI Carrot Oil

Sarah x