Miss Starling's Handmade Body Oil

Come on admit it who likes to use Baby Oil after a bath or shower? Many of you big babies love the stuff (my sister included). I personally have a love hate relationship with oils. It stems back to the years of bathing in bucket loads of Oliatum bath oil. The very same company that has a cult following in blog-land something which I always find rather odd as I associate it with eczema.

As I was preparing to write this review, I was tweeted by Fleurie Amorette @sugarpuffish As you like things natural, have you tried Bio-Oil? The simple answer is NO.  Why? it contains Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) as well as a few other suspect ingredients like artificial colours. Bio-oil is another one of those companies who's advertising really makes me grumpy.  They happily promote the natural ingredients but do not openly share with you that those lovely plant extracts are suspended in oil made up of chemical nasties.  Let's not single out Bio-oil, in general your average high street baby/body oil will  contain petrochemicals. You all know I discourage you from applying petroleum to your delicate skin. If you missed my previous post  "Why you should not use petroleum jelly" then click here.

If you are a lover of body oil let me suggest a natural alternative.  I was approached by Miss Starling's and accepted an offer to try their Sunflower & Jasmine Body Oil.  This is a handmade natural product containing Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Wheatgerm oil, Vitamin E and Jasmine Absolute. Jasmine is used in aromatherapy for sensitive skins, muscular complaints and stress related conditions.  Let me be honest, if you do not love the scent of Jasmine then this will not be the product for you. The oil is a dry oil, it absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving a greasy residue. Given time the natural ingredients and their fabulous qualities are sure to improve your skin.

Let me share a little tip with you, I apply the oil to my legs prior to shaving. I leave it to sink in for a minute and then shave as normal.  In my mind, I think the oil protects my dry skin and is a preventative measure against irritation and additional dryness from shaving creams/gels. I still use moisturiser or re-apply oil after shaving.

Miss Starling's body oil is a great product.  I still adore my shea butters but this does make a nice addition to my beauty routine.  If you would like to buy this oil head over to Miss Starling's website a 50ml bottle is priced at £11.

Have you tried a natural body oil or are you using a high street brand? Have you considered switching? I would love to get your feedback on this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below. 

Disclaimer – I was sent this product free of charge, all opinions are my own and I am not being paid to do this review or to promote the website/product. Full disclaimer is available on page tab below blog header. 


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