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My First Review of 2012 - Solomon's Daughter

Before I get into my latest review let me take this opportunity to say HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope 2012 is filled with happiness. So lets get on with my review......

Solomon's Daughter caught my attention because they offer handmade organic beauty products which are free from preservatives and bulking agents. However, I think my encounter with this company was doomed from the start. I decided to purchase their bath melts. My order didn't arrive when expected but before I had a chance to complain Solomon's Daughter contacted me to let me know they were experiencing problems with the local postal service. A new order was immediately dispatched via Special Delivery which was impressive in comparison to other companies I have dealt with. They did not make me wait 14 working days in accordance to Royal Mail guidelines for lost post.

The bath melts arrived wrapped in cellophane and tied with a handwritten tag. The packaging and little nugget shaped bath melts were a surprise because this is not the image used on the website. I ordered Mango & Apricot and Camomile, however the label on the Camomile melts says Camomile and Manuka honey. I am a big fan of Manuka so this is not a major problem but I do feel a little cheated because technically that is not what I ordered. The website does not list ingredients and I thought when my order came the packaging might, sadly this is not the case. 

I admit I'm a shower girl, I get bored in the tub but on the rare occasions I treat myself I have to add something nice to the water. I've never tried melts as I always opt for bubbles. So far I have used the Mango & Apricot. The melts are very soft, squidgy and stuck together they were difficult to separate. I was unsure how many I should add to the water as there were no instructions - I used two. I found the fragrance disappointing I wanted the room to be filled with a fruity aroma but I hardly noticed the scent. The melts did not dissolve completely despite putting them in from the start of filling the tub.

So what did I think? I won't lie my skin did feel nice and soft so I can see the benefits for dry skin. However, my skin initially felt heavy with oil but perhaps this was because two melts was one too many. If there is one thing I hate when having a bath it is having to clean the tub immediately after exiting. I find all the relaxation disappears once I have to put on the rubber gloves. Sadly I was left with a greasy, sticky tub because the melts did not completely dissolve. Overall, I can say bath melts are not for me. As a first time user of bath melts I admit I have no reference for comparison. If you are a fan of wallowing in the tub then give Solomon's Daughter products a try, I would recommend these over anything you buy at Lush because they are natural. 

Solomon's Daughter customer service scored highly as they rectified the lost parcel without any fuss. However, their website is sluggish to open and lacks details about the products and ingredients. Products are reasonable each bag you see pictured above cost £3. 

Has anyone else tried Solomon Daughter products? What did you think?

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