Herbfarmacy Cleansing Mousse & 27 Skincare Oil Cleanser

Prices correct at time of publication

Today I wanted to do a mini review for two cleansers I have been testing. The downside of having sensitive skin and being a guinea pig for your blog is causing break outs. I have recently broken my own rules of sticking to a regular cleansing routine. My pimple explosion could be down to the PH balance of the cleanser not being suitable for me (Thanks Sarah beskincareful for the tip). Equally it could be due to hormonal imbalance or simply being run down from my recent cold. I have had to abandon testing these cleansers for the time being but still wanted to mention the products. The first product is from Herbfarmacy and is their Wash Off Cleansing Mousse.  I have been testing this cleanser for about 3-4 weeks.  This is described as - "A deep cleansing mousse containing soothing Chamomile and Marshmallow and essential oils of Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang. This wonderful cleanser is effective even when removing face and eye make-up and leaves the skin beautifully refreshed. Simply massage onto a dry face and rinse off with warm water." 

Seems a bit daft to point out the obvious but this is similar to mousse. It has an air whipped texture when you scoop from the pot and feels thick and creamy when applied to your skin. The ingredients make it ideal for sensitive types and I certainly have not experienced any irritation. I like the concept of this cleanser but there are elements I dislike. Fragrance is subject to individual tastes and for me this one is awful. I am struggling to explain it but the words that popped into my head are musty and cardboard. I have also found that compared to balm cleansers my skin feels slightly tight and dry immediately after removing. I don’t feel stripped of moisture just mildly drier than what is normal for me. This product is nice but it does not wow me in any way or appear to offer me that “glow” I get from other cleansers. 

The second cleanser (which I have only had for a couple of weeks) is from 27 Skincare. I had not heard of this company until it appeared on my Twitter Who to Follow List. 27 Skincare offers a Lavender & Chamomile Oil-Gel Cleanser which they describe as “A mild, antioxidant oil-gel that gently cleanses, calms, soothes, and nourishes without leaving an oily film. Also an effective eye make-up remover.” 

This cleanser comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. One pump is more than sufficient for the entire face. The product starts as a liquid but when massaged into skin transforms into a balm. I love the fragrance; it’s a light floral scent of lavender and chamomile, two ingredients which are known for their suitability on sensitive skins. I remove the cleanser with a damp muslin cloth and my skin is left feeling soft and moisturised. I love the packaging it looks smart and feels expensive. I have enjoyed using this cleanser and I will come back to it in the future. I recommend you check out the website as other skincare products are available. I paid £8.49 for a 60ml bottle which I think is very inexpensive for the quality. 

Sarah x