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Sunday Catch Up - Sad Times, Love & Handbags

Here I am again with my Sunday catch up post.  If you are anti-valentines day then I suggest you stop reading since this post will be full of sentiment and romance!

On a side note, my post this week is written with a partly broken heart.  On the 13th February I was awoken from my sleep to be told that my beloved Grandad passed away. I'm not a religious person but my only wish is that where ever he is, he was with my Grandma for Valentines Day.  She died last February and he was so lost without her.  In memory of my Grandad I would just like to share a quote I found online.  I also would like to thank everyone who sent me a thoughtful tweet. 

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~ Rudolph Giuliani (source)

With everything that happened this week, I've been driving up and down the country so have had little time for shopping.  Since I do not have any beauty items to share with you, I thought I would tell you about my Valentines Day gift.  My lovely Boyfriend scored brownie points.  A while ago I had seen a bag online and I was debating whether to purchase it.  I came downstairs on Valentines Day morning to see that very same bag waiting for me on the table (he had left earlier for work).  

I discovered this week that Alpro Soya have launched a Hazelnut 'milk' and an Almond one.  I was able to find the Hazelnut at Sainsburys.  I have to say I was very excited by this but was slightly disappointed by the taste.  It's not disgusting but I thought it would have a stronger creamier taste.  Someone tweeted about making a hot chocolate by combining the Hazelnut with the Chocolate flavoured soya milk.  I have yet to give this a try.

Last weekend I mentioned Miss Glutenless and her Toffee Apple Flapjack recipe, well I did make them and they were delicious.

Finally I would like to share some blog love.  I recommend you take a look at Bright Town GirlPampered Prince BeautyOrganic LassieMiss Sunshine & SparkleCityscape Bliss & A Lauren to Herself

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and a special Valentines Day for those of you who celebrate.