What I eat: Vegan Pancakes & Tesco Chilled Free From Range

Talking of Tesco I did a happy dance in the aisle after discovering they have launched dairy free margarine, cheese, milk, desserts and yoghurt.  The range is fabulous as there is so much choice. I am surprised I have not seen more press coverage for this new launch. The range is not only free from milk but gluten, wheat and egg plus suitable for vegans and vegetarians. My Tesco (and I assume others) had slowly been removing free from products over the past six months to a year and now I understand why. I hope this range gains popularity and the variety continues. I often find that Tesco launch a large range but shrinks overtime, I guessing as they test the market to find the best sellers.
I picked up medium soya hard cheese, creamy original cheese spread and vanilla dessert on the go. I have just realised I picked up the wrong cheese spread I was after the cheddar style. I have since learnt that Bute Island Foods who make Sheese are manufacturing the own brands for supermarkets.

Tuesday was Pancake Day and I have not had a pancake for over 20 years because of my allergy to milk and eggs.  I attempted an allergy friendly version with the help of a recipe I found online. The ingredients: 300g flour, 600ml milk, 50g sugar, 50g butter, Pinch of salt, 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon. I did substituted ingredients for my free from alternatives.  The end results were not bad considering I had never made pancakes before.
So I think that pretty much rounds up my week.  Let me know what you have been up to or any new purchases you have made.

Sarah x