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Sunday Catch Up (8) - Mother's Day, Dove Farm & Necklaces

Let me just hop right in to my Sunday Catch Up post. Last weekend was Mother's Day (in UK). Hopefully, my Mother's Day Gift guide was helpful to some of you, let me know if you purchased anything from it. I thought I would share with you the presents I bought for my Mummy. I have Lucyy Writes to thank for one of the gifts I purchased.  The sign she featured in her post "The New Additions To My Room" was perfect and I knew my Mum would love it (she did!).  Even though Lucy's post linked a website, I am a frugal shopper so always look to see if I can beat a price.  I ended up ordering from Mollie & Fred for £8.99 + postage.  My Mum shares my love of hand creams so I bought her Abahna hand cream in the fragrance White Grapefruit & May Chang.  I have a soap in this fragrance and my Mum had mentioned how she liked it so it was an easy choice to make.
This week I discovered Dove Farm Apple & Sultana flapjacks. How have I never discovered these before? They were hiding in the cake aisle a place I never frequent since I can't eat dairy and eggs. Anyway, I love flapjacks and these are great. They are not gluten free but are free from dairy (the label says "may contain sesame, milk & nuts").
I was having a rummage around my room and found a sample of Madara Moon Flower tinting fluid.  Now that I have a tan I did not fancy slapping on my usual foundation so gave this a try.  I have managed to squeeze five applications out of the sachet. I am impressed with the colour, it lightly corrects my complexion (I did require a touch up with concealer).  I think the texture and consistency is better than Liz Earle's skin tint.  The smell is a little odd, reminds me of freshly cut grass but it does not linger so I can live with it.  The downside is 50ml retails for £23 ouch! However, I think the price is on a par with other tinted moisturisers.  This week a new website launched called Onlynaturals. They stock Madara tinting fluid and are offering 10% off your first order (voucher code - NEW10) plus there is free UK postage.

Thanks to Carly Cristman I am on the look out for a Sideways Initial Necklace. I am finding it impossible to track down an inexpensive version in the UK.  I may end up settling for something entirely different but I have a bee in my bonnet that I now want an initial necklace.  I spent most of my weekend browsing Etsy and Not On The High Street, pictured below are some of my finds. 
I wanted to share some blog love for The Vegan Stoner. I have been following for a while and it is an awesome blog for meal inspirations. Also, I defy you not to fall in love with the recipe drawings.

Finally just a couple of shout outs - I found Betty Buff Sugar Scrubs on twitter, check them out if you like natural skin scrubs.  Next is Razzle Dazzle Ices who won me over with the tweet "Our mission and passion is to make amazing Dairy Free vegan ices (no) creams that taste as good as Ben & Jerry's!!". I was excited when Swedish Glace came on the market imagine if I would indulge in a dairy free equivalent to Ben & Jerry's.  I will never forget being a child and standing in front of the ice cream van crying my heart out because I couldn't have a 99 cone and was stuck with an ice lolly.  Next time you eat a Magnum think of me JLastly a thank you to Pampered Prince Beauty for recommending the  PicFrame App .  As you can see I have utilised it in this blog post, hooray to finally being able to group together pictures J.

So that's it folks, have a great Sunday and enjoy the glorious weather we are having.  I look forward to catching up on comments.